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I mentioned in yesterday's entry how I used an old version of Firefox and it looked exactly like the latest one. That looks like it'll change at some point. We're on Firefox 27.0.1, and a new interface could be included as soon as Firefox 29 (April 29, 2014 release). It's supposed to be touch-friendly, which generally means everything is gigantic, even if you have no touch interface. (See Windows 8/8.1 without a touch screen) I just think it's amusing that they're bringing out a new touch interface when touch events on websites don't work and it doesn't look like it's getting any closer to being fixed. The new interface breaks some add-ons (because they got rid of the add-on bar), so it wouldn't surprise me if certain add-ons I use now will be unusable in the future. (That happened before when they switched to their increment-major-version-number-every-six-weeks development cycle. I had an "browser odometer" add-on that showed how many pages were loaded.) In addition, some buttons that were moveable (like forward and back buttons) are now locked in place. There's a weird menu button that brings up a popover that reminds me of something you'd see on iOS Safari. Of course, things can change between now and when it's released. After reading all about it, I wanted to try it for myself. It's available in Aurora (two versions ahead, so it's kinda like the alpha version), so that's what I got. It installs to a separate spot, so you can keep your regular Firefox. I made sure to create a separate profile to do all the testing because I don't want to mess up my regular Firefox profile.
First impressions, critiques, etc. ) Bottom line: It's not as bad as I thought it would be, but it definitely changes how I do things. A lot of people will also have to relearn when the orange/purple Firefox button disappears from the upper left corner and is replaced with the three-gray-horizontal-lines button on the right side and not quite at the top. It reminds me of Chrome.
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In yesterday's entry, I mentioned that I had edited Semagic's template file. It's the file called "sem_prev_u1.html" in your Semagic folder. I'm going to talk about the reasons things are the way they are and some of the quirks. When I first started editing it, I wanted the background to be darker, so I made it white on black. I usually make the background color of the areas with images and captions black, so those blended into the background. That's when I decided on gray for the background for just the area with the entry text. I also reduced the margins so there's less empty space around the edges. There's already plenty of empty space around the edges because the web browser ActiveX control Semagic uses is not at the edges of the window. Another thing I aimed for was HTML5/CSS3 compliance. I ran it through the W3C Validators for HTML5 and CSS just to be sure. After I got everything pretty enough, it was time to deal with some of the inconsistencies. The mood and music are prefaced with "current mood" and "current music", but the tags and location are prefaced by "Tags" and "Location". I prefer the latter. When the security is set to "Friends" it just says "friends". When it's set to private, then it says "Security: private". When it's set to public, it says nothing. I don't know what it says for the custom security level, since that doesn't work with Dreamwidth. Semagic adds line breaks after the mood and music, but adds them before the tags and location. This causes a blank line between the mood/music (when they're displayed) and the tags/location (when they're displayed). I took care of these inconsistencies by adding some scripting that makes things a bit more consistent. I usually don't use <B> tags, but since those are actually put into the template by Semagic itself, I left them there. Also, %%journalname%% is always blank for me, so I commented it out. Now that you know the background, I can show you the code. If you want this, back up your old version and put this into the sem_prev_u1.html file. I think you can just triple-click in the box to get the whole thing selected:
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This past weekend was the sixth annual Hockey Weekend Across America. For the link averse, it's basically a time for people who like hockey to celebrate it and to give people who have never played a chance to give it a try in the hopes that they might start playing. They split the weekend into three themed days. Friday was "wear your jersey day", Saturday was "try hockey day", and Sunday was "celebrate local heroes day". For someone who lives in an area devoid of hockey fans (or maybe they just don't show it like I do...they're all probably on another side of town), everyday possible is "wear your jersey day". And if it's not possible, it tends to be "wear your hockey T-shirt day". But seriously, I love my hockey jerseys and wear them any chance I get. I didn't have the opportunity to leave the house on Friday, but I did wear jerseys on Saturday (Traktor Chelyabinsk) and Sunday (Phoenix Coyotes). I know there are hockey fans around that don't make it apparent (my brother is this type of fan, he doesn't generally wear anything hockey-related but he will totally lose his voice yelling at a hockey game on TV), and they probably don't come up to me because I always look like I'm about to beat someone up. Saturday's try hockey thing seems friggin awesome, except it's geared toward kids. Get 'em young, I suppose, but I would love to actually try to play hockey. When I was young, I semi-played hockey on our sloping driveway, except we didn't have money for proper gear, so I was a goalie with no padding. I'd blame that for my brain damage, but the ball we were using never went high enough to even threaten the family jewels. If someone told me that I would get to learn to play goalie (because I'm the little brother and that's how it usually works, right? Also, I'm the weirdest one), I would bounce off the walls. And would probably cause some property damage. If you're going to tell me something like this, make sure we're in an open field. There wasn't an HWAA event for Saturday other than public ice skating...and watching the Rhinos play. As for the Sunday event, the only person I can think of saluting is Cory Herman, who played for the Buzzards and later settled here and took over a youth hockey program. Herman's hockey-playing brothers, Tom and Dave, are here as well. Cory, Tom, and Dave — consider yourself saluted. All in all, I'm jealous of those little kids getting to play and those people who get to wear hockey jerseys to work that they showed in the gallery on the HWAA site. What job can you wear a hockey jersey to? (Other than a hockey team. Sometimes.) Sign me up for that.
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So in yesterday's [probably friends-locked] entry, I did a lot of Windows 8 dissing (oh, the Desktop Window Manager is now using 907 MB of RAM), and while today's entry will include talk about some OS bugs and problems, but this time, they're totally understandable; the operating system is alpha quality. Anyway, I popped ReactOS (0.4 SVN 20130203-r58282) into a VirtualBox VM. They had a prepackaged version on a VirtualBox hard drive image, but that version was older and I couldn't get the sound to work. I used one of the Subversion releases that they happen to compile (warning: that link takes forever to load) into ISOs compressed with 7-Zip. It took two tries to get it to install (I have no idea what made it install the second time; I just did the same things I did for the first time), but eventually it got on there. Here's a list of problems I ran into: (I can't report these to them because their issue tracker is invite only.) Actually, some of these aren't problems because I couldn't be 100% negative. :P Cut for length ) As rough-around-the-edges as it is currently, there is a lot of promise. It's too bad that when they sought to raise €30000 to pay some developers to devote time to the project last year, they got less than half of that. I'd give them some money if I had money to give and if it meant they'd get closer to beta quality.


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