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Location:El Paso, Texas, United States of America
The interests section should give you a good idea of what kind of stuff I like. If you like any of the things I like, we'll probably get along fine! I like cartoons, a few of which are in my interests. I also have a tendency to ramble about computers. And just ramble in general. Most of my entries are back-dated, so you actually have to go straight to my journal to see what I write. I try to write at least something daily, so most of the time it's boring.

My journal is mostly friends-only. Most of what I write doesn't need to be, but I just like having the comfort of knowing that not just anyone could read it. If you wanna read it too, post on any entry of mine you can see. I reserve the right to offend you, but I wouldn't do it on purpose.

My LiveJournal is [ profile] invaderbuzzy, but everything that's over there is over here too.

If I haven't scared you off yet, feel free to send me a message, especially if we have common interests. I don't bite. (Plus, that would be weird.) If you like communicating with AIM, you can say hi that way too, though tell me you're from Dreamwidth first.
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