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They talked about killing Writer's Block before during the time they knocked it off LJ's front page, but after a backlash (like a lot of changes LJ proposes) they kept it, but only had it available from [ profile] writersblock. Then with successive releases, Writer's Block became more and more broken, with the questions sometimes not appearing at all unless you refresh the page several times. Then, when it did appear, the link to view other answers would never show anything. Now, with those problems and some vague "other reasons", they're canning Writer's Block entirely with the potential for it to return later...maybe. I'm not holding my breath because now it seems like LJ is moving forward with changes with no regard to whether it works properly (e.g., the commenting system where people on certain browsers couldn't click the button to submit their comment), whether people want it (e.g., the removal of subject lines), or whether it's even good (e.g., the comment page color scheme that hurts people's eyes). I'm just wondering if the questions will completely disappear as part of their disabling of Writer's Block, in which case I'll have to retype the questions, or what I thought the questions were. When the next release rolls out, Writer's Block goes dark...After all, it's easier to remove a feature than it is to fix it. At least [ profile] astronewt, who was the bearer of bad news, likes it, and hopefully will be an [successful] advocate for its return.


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