Feb. 16th, 2014

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In yesterday's entry, I mentioned that I had edited Semagic's template file. It's the file called "sem_prev_u1.html" in your Semagic folder. I'm going to talk about the reasons things are the way they are and some of the quirks. When I first started editing it, I wanted the background to be darker, so I made it white on black. I usually make the background color of the areas with images and captions black, so those blended into the background. That's when I decided on gray for the background for just the area with the entry text. I also reduced the margins so there's less empty space around the edges. There's already plenty of empty space around the edges because the web browser ActiveX control Semagic uses is not at the edges of the window. Another thing I aimed for was HTML5/CSS3 compliance. I ran it through the W3C Validators for HTML5 and CSS just to be sure. After I got everything pretty enough, it was time to deal with some of the inconsistencies. The mood and music are prefaced with "current mood" and "current music", but the tags and location are prefaced by "Tags" and "Location". I prefer the latter. When the security is set to "Friends" it just says "friends". When it's set to private, then it says "Security: private". When it's set to public, it says nothing. I don't know what it says for the custom security level, since that doesn't work with Dreamwidth. Semagic adds line breaks after the mood and music, but adds them before the tags and location. This causes a blank line between the mood/music (when they're displayed) and the tags/location (when they're displayed). I took care of these inconsistencies by adding some scripting that makes things a bit more consistent. I usually don't use <B> tags, but since those are actually put into the template by Semagic itself, I left them there. Also, %%journalname%% is always blank for me, so I commented it out. Now that you know the background, I can show you the code. If you want this, back up your old version and put this into the sem_prev_u1.html file. I think you can just triple-click in the box to get the whole thing selected:
The code and a preview of what it looks like are behind this cut or it would take up too much space. )


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