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Oct. 25th, 2013 12:00 am
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  • I was on the Wacom site getting the drivers for my old tablet. (They still make the drivers for my old tablet. Wow. I thought for sure they'd stop a few years ago.) Anyway, they have a definition on their driver page saying that drivers are a "small computer program that allows your computer to interact with" their products, and that definition is correct. The only thing is the drivers are about 38 MB when compressed. That's not exactly my definition of "small computer program". They probably look at male horses and say, "yep, that's small." The program I'm typing this entry in, Semagic, is smaller than 38 MB when it's installed. Firefox is a smaller download. Their drivers also feature a license agreement in a [genuinely] small window that can't be resized. It's not as bad as those Microsoft license agreements that show up in a window so small that you can only see three lines at a time. They also tell you that you can't use their products for "high risk activities," whatever that means. Maybe it's like how Apple says you can't use iTunes and your iPod to design a nuclear reactor.
  • I figured I'd start trying to draw again. (Why else would I set up my tablet again?) I have a tablet that I'm using in lieu of having cruddy sketches all over the place. (I know, "that's the spirit!") The only advice that has stuck is "practice, practice, practice" though I have no idea if I'm practicing correctly.


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