Oct. 31st, 2013


Oct. 31st, 2013 12:00 am
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Some weird Windows 8.1 troubles I noticed after typing up yesterday's entry:
  • The audio suddenly started sounding tinny and generally unlistenable. When I had this problem before, it would go away if I restarted the computer, but that didn't seem to help anymore. Installing an older version of my audio drivers made everything sound normal again. At least going to grab the older drivers made me discover there was a BIOS update for my computer.
  • The weather app keeps changing to Washington, D.C., and changes the units from Celsius to Fahrenheit, but only on the Start screen. At least when it does display what I want, it looks pretty good in the largest size. I only made the weather larger on the Start screen because I can make the other icons smaller.
  • Windows Update had been downloading something via BITS, but I don't know what it is. It's not Windows Defender downloading, and Windows Update says there are no updates. It spent the morning downloading really slowly and I just wished it would finish. Even after it finished, I have no idea what it was.
  • My HomeGroup was wiped out. I used it to give my brother access to an area on my computer without giving him a login. I'll have to set it up all over again whenever we're on the same network.
  • I used to have no problems with the preview that would show up in Windows Explorer for graphic files. After the upgrade, some JPEG files look like they're missing chunks (though when viewed with another program, they're fine; in Explorer, they show up with large areas of grey) and others (JPEGs included) don't show a preview at all, but if you select another file, then select the original file again, the preview will appear.
  • I'm still having issues with Desktop Window Manager (DWM). On Windows 8, it would slowly suck up memory until you had to log out or reboot. It's been eleven hours since my last reboot and it's using almost four times the RAM it used at startup. I can't narrow its bad behavior to a program since I don't monitor it that closely, but I do know it makes random jumps. Sometimes it'll rise by several hundred megs of RAM in a day. Since I don't know what DWM does that could use close to two gigs of memory, I can't rule out anything. The last time I hunted for answers on the Internet, it didn't seem like anyone had the same problem I do.


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