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I have a lot of pictures I name with sequential numbers. The names are usually along the lines of "X - Y #" where X is a very short description giving me a hint of the source (usually no more than two words and usually abbreviated) and Y is a description of the content. The # is a number so I can have the same source and description for several pictures that are similar. Sometimes they're further grouped by having the number preceded by a letter (e.g., A1, A2, A3, B1, B2, C1, C2, C3, C4, etc.) if there's a lot of similarly named files. (The pictures are in folders based on some general categories, but that's not important for where I'm going with this.) Sometimes I have a lot of pictures with weird random letter/number combinations and I want to name them to my more descriptive naming scheme. I rename them in Windows Explorer, since that allows me to see the image I'm renaming. If the images I'm renaming are at the bottom of the window, but their new names put them at the top of the window, I end up losing track of what number I'm on. It's always annoying to be offered the suggestion of a file name like "X - Y 4 (2).jpg" when a suggestion of "X - Y 5.jpg" would be more useful. If you don't accept rather useless suggestion, it will put it back to the old file name and not give you a chance to correct it short of typing the name all over again. I doubt anybody at Microsoft would read this, but my suggestion would be to make it do what I suggested if the file already ends with a number. It does this already if the file name ends in a number in parentheses, but that makes the file name two characters longer and it kind of looks ugly. It reminds me of those people who have a folder called "New Folder (23)" on their desktop. And it's empty. So are all the others. That may be a bit much to ask, but I hope my other more realistic suggestion isn't too much: If you don't accept the file name suggestion, just go back to the text box with the incorrect file name so it can be corrected, possibly by changing just one character. If you don't want to rename it any more at that point, you can hit the escape key. That's a lot better than having to retype the entire thing.
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