Dec. 22nd, 2013

Moo VI

Dec. 22nd, 2013 12:00 am
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From the Department of I Need an Appropriate Userpic: After generally figuring that this Christmas would be one without presents, I decided to treat myself. All I had to work with was the whopping $25 my grandma gave (it's something), so I had to dig deep in order to get myself anything. That actually wasn't even the plan originally. I went through the blogs I sometimes read and noticed that there are shirts for Steven Universe, so I figured they'd cut off at 2XL, which is what shirts I want usually cut off at when they actually make them in men's sizes. To my surprise, they went up to 3XL on some of the styles, which will fit me just fine. (The star shirt Steven wears in the show only went up to 2XL; I really wanted that one.) They also had a 10% off sale (it's something) that I somehow missed by a day. I got two Steven Universe shirts and a Regular Show shirt, since they were in my size. Also, I wanted to get enough stuff so I'd get the price of overnight shipping dropped to $5. I still doubt I'll get it in time for Christmas, but at least I'll get it at some point. I'll just have to take my traditional "stuff I got for Christmas" picture whenever it shows up. As a Big Dude™, it'll be nice to juxtapose cute Steven with...not so cure me. :P


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