Jul. 10th, 2013

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Alternate title: First they came for the people with more than one subdomain...

For I don't know how long, I've been using Dyn (it was DynDNS back in the day) for Dynamic DNS service. At its peak, I used three of the five available subdomains with the free service. They slowly scaled back the subdomains to one and removed the wildcards, but it still did the job. All I needed was an easy to remember address to point to my IP so my brother can access my development server. Back in 2010, they added some kind of requirement that your account has to be messed with in some way once every 30 days. (This was fine for me because my router automatically updates the IP, even if changes aren't needed, once every ten days.) In May, they dropped free accounts entirely, but the existing ones could stay. This month, they shrunk that 30 day requirement: Updating the IP does not count...only website logins count. If you forget to log in, your account is wiped out and the information purged. I found out about this change via an e-mail they sent which is hawking the Pro account, basically requiring a payment for what used to be free. It was previously free and good enough, so lots of routers have support for them and only them. Now that free accounts can't be made and the existing free accounts require manual intervention to maintain (every login drops you to an ad for the paid service), I can't guarantee that my brother will be able to access my server at any given time. Because of that, I moved to freedns.afraid.org, which is a lot like what DynDNS used to be: free with five subdomains. I'm also lucky that it is supported by my router, though I have no idea if it's supported by my new modem/router combo that is waiting for a new ISP. I might have to find some old computer to run a client, which would be a huge waste of electricity.

I know there are people who think that since it's a free service, no one has any right to be angry when it's screwed with. But it's been screwed with in such a slimy way in order to take a once good service and make it unusable. Look at this disingenuous sentence from the e-mail they sent: "We understand that the possibility of resulting service interruptions may be frustrating, so we are offering an upgrade offer to VIP status (Dyn Pro) for just $10 USD for the first year." They understand that service interruptions are frustrating, which is why they put them into effect in the first place! (Also, full price, which it would assumedly go up to after the first year is up is about the same price I pay for my web host and e-mail service. Why would I want to pay as much for a subdomain for a site accessed by one person as I do for web space, bandwidth, and e-mail?) They want to drive people to their paid offerings; I hope everyone leaves. And when those former members want a paid offering, I hope they pay someone else. I felt bad for closing an account I had open for so many years, but they've started down a road and it looks like they're planning to remove all free service by attrition. As a free user, my only protest options are writing a blog entry I don't think anyone will see and closing my account. I doubt I'll get a PR visit like the writer of the 2010 entry I linked to earlier.


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