Feb. 5th, 2013

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Feb. 5th, 2013 12:00 am
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So in yesterday's [probably friends-locked] entry, I did a lot of Windows 8 dissing (oh, the Desktop Window Manager is now using 907 MB of RAM), and while today's entry will include talk about some OS bugs and problems, but this time, they're totally understandable; the operating system is alpha quality. Anyway, I popped ReactOS (0.4 SVN 20130203-r58282) into a VirtualBox VM. They had a prepackaged version on a VirtualBox hard drive image, but that version was older and I couldn't get the sound to work. I used one of the Subversion releases that they happen to compile (warning: that link takes forever to load) into ISOs compressed with 7-Zip. It took two tries to get it to install (I have no idea what made it install the second time; I just did the same things I did for the first time), but eventually it got on there. Here's a list of problems I ran into: (I can't report these to them because their issue tracker is invite only.) Actually, some of these aren't problems because I couldn't be 100% negative. :P Cut for length ) As rough-around-the-edges as it is currently, there is a lot of promise. It's too bad that when they sought to raise €30000 to pay some developers to devote time to the project last year, they got less than half of that. I'd give them some money if I had money to give and if it meant they'd get closer to beta quality.


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